Leave me, don’t leave me 
HD with sound, 17 minutes 27 seconds

An elusive figure collects and accumulates a pile of objects at night, that becomes a site of sentimental ritual.

Director’s statement
Jugong Apartment Project, the photographic series documenting the disappearing neighbourhoods in South Korea that are my childhood homes, was wrapping up its production since the sites were becoming restricted. Having to end its produciton, I imagined a figure who is trapped in this empty, soon-to-be demolished neighbhourhood, like a ghost that cannot escape the loop of searching for something that they have lost. Leave me, don’t leave me is about this ghost that I nurtured during the production of Jugong Apartment project, whose presence is harmless but maybe melancholic, and obsessive. Perhaps obssessed with something that they loved but lost. The loss of a loved one (or a thing) and the great pain that it accompanies is invisible, but tangible signs of agonies and grief can be observed whether it is a place, person, or a thing. I wanted create a symbolic structure and a gesture of grief, agony, recollection, reminiscence, aimlessness, and an act of care that carves out a way to commemorate the sties that are demolished due to the urban redevelopment projects. I envisioned to situate this work between a fiction and a documentary practice. 

Distributed by Vidéographe

On-screen credits
Produced, directed and edited by Jinyoung Kim
Performed by Jinyoung Kim
Production Assistant Kevin Jung-Hoo Park
Cinematography Kevin Jung-Hoo Park
Sound Recordist Young Chan Jin
Sound Mix and Original Music Steve Bates
Music 내곁에서 떠나가지 말아요 (Please don’t leave me) ©1991 written by Kyung Hoon Han, performed by 빛과 소금 (Light and Salt)
English Translation Jinyoung Kim
French Translation Seeun Kim
Created with support from Canada Council for the Arts Milieux Institute