Memories are Motionless*
Mixed media installation. Concrete sculpture, a framed photograph of a house, a video on loop
Produced as part of Sightings project by Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery in Montréal
Installed at Concordia University's H building
Commissioned by Michéle Theriault

A house is a site where intimate personal narratives and conventional formality converges. It is as much a psychological space layered with the most intimate personal memories, as it is a formal architectural structure that stands in a geographical location. Through this installation, I wanted to approach the house as a conceptual entity, where one’s emotional and psychological memories collide and converge with architectural conventionality, a potential site of intersubjectivity. Specifically, I am interested in looking at domestic objects as an agent that activates intimate memories and architecture as the formal convention that exist as an anchor that grounds and contains such experiences.

The installation presents a video and an architectural model of the foundation walls and basement structure of a house that belongs to my paternal side, which symbolizes a place of initial security and an origin for myself. It is a place that informs my cultural identity, and provides a sense of continuity through my past and present.

*Title of the piece is adapted from a passage in Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space"
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